Why You REALLY Shouldn’t Punch a Nazi

Richard Spencer got decked last week. In case you don’t know, Spencer is a Trump loving herb who claims to have coined the term “alt-right,” which is the politically correct way of referring to a white supremacist. In terms of labels, KKK and Nazis are so 20th century. Alt-right is the new white.

Of course, since the term alt-right is just a crappy euphemism, I’ll just refer to them as the alt-reich. Plenty of others have used this term before, so I’m not claiming to have invented anything new.

But some people really don’t like the alt-reich. So, last Friday, during an interview in which the human puss sore leaked bile from his jaws, someone decided to punch him in his face. ¬†Like all things, The video went viral and has inspired hundreds of remixes in a matter of two days. The nazi is currently holed up in his house, presumably sobbing while convincing himself over and over again that he’s not a cuck.

Now, because it’s the internet and 24-hour media, we’re currently engulfed into a debate¬†over the moral validity of attacking a Nazi. As the Afro-Latino grandson of a man who fought the Nazis in WW2 (who in turn was a descendant of a veteran who fought the Confederacy after winning freedom), one would think that I’d be okay with someone busting a Nazi’s jaw.

Well, I don’t advocate for punching Spencer. And here’s why.

Legal fees. Jail time. Criminal record. That’s pretty much it.

Yeah, I’ve written about the importance of freedom of ideas before. I still strongly support defending people’s right to believe in ridiculous or abhorrent ideas without violence from any party. Though they are few and far between, some folks who start off spewing “white power” might eventually change and become valuable allies. And though our country rarely practices it (particularly with those incarcerated), we as people should give second chances to those who want it.

But that’s not why I don’t support punching a herb like Spencer. I don’t support attacking Nazis because none of these miserable Aryan fuckboys are worth anyone going to jail over. It’s one thing to go to jail for protesting institutions (i.e., not owning a permit or trespassing on land) since that usually doesn’t bring felony charges. Usually. But punching a Nazi falls under the same category as “assault and battery,” which is a felony. Many employers won’t recognize a distinction, even if they did a background check on the crime itself. You don’t want to ruin your opportunities for decking a Nazi, especially since we live in a state that punishes people for something as infantile as possessing drugs.

It ain’t worth it folks.

Now that it’s Trump’s America, White supremacists and Christian fundamentalists are feeling more empowered to spew hateful ideology. They’re not interested equality and liberty. They’re not even interested in the so-called marketplace of ideas that allows them to exist in the first place. They just want a country that will commit ethnic cleansing against anyone who isn’t white. In this sense, I hardly will lose sleep if Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, or David Duke get assaulted by anti-fascists anymore then I feel sympathy for dead Confederates or dead Nazis. They make their own bed by playing with fire and no one should be surprised when this sort of thing happens.

However, unless they actually attack you first, physically attacking slime isn’t worth getting your hands dirty over. You don’t want to make martyrs out of losers. Besides, there’s a bigger battle to fight and not all of our enemies are saying “Sieg Heil” in the middle of the street.


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