Latin Legends: Nicolas Pino

Nicolas Pino (no relation) is a famous figure in the state of New Mexico. Born in 1819, Pino has had an important role in shaping the affairs of the state from its status as a Mexican territory to its annexation by the United States. Nicolas, along with his brothers Miguel E. and Facundo were notable for their Indian fighting, which helped elevate them to statesmen in Santa Fe. They were frequently hailed as being courageous patriots throughout the territory.

In 1846, General Stephen Kearny captured the territory as part of the larger Mexican-American War. Needless to say, none of the Pino brothers were satisfied with this development – as they still considered themselves to be citizens of the Mexican government. As such, they conspired to rid the territory of the US occupation. However, their plans were discovered and the Pinos were soon arrested.

After a stint in jail, the Pinos declared their loyalty to the US. They would be instrumental in transitioning the former Mexican holding into an American territory. Their family would serve in every major branch of government from the legislature to the military. Nicolas would command a militia during the Civil War, where he rose to the rank of Brigadier General. He later served in the legislature before dying in 1896.


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