Latin Legends: La Llorona

La Llorona (“the crying woman”) is a prominent figure in Mexican folklore. Although there are over a dozen variations of the tale, the common thread usually involves a woman who drowns her children in a river. In some tales, it’s because she hates her children, in others it’s to spite her lover. When she dies, her spirit reaches the gates of Heaven, where she is denied entry by God (or St. Peter in some versions) until she can find her children. Because of this, she wanders along rivers to search for the spirits of her children. Her constant weeping is responsible for her name, La Llorona.

Other variations of the legend mix her figure with that of La Malinche, given how they’re both considered to be traitors in their own way.


2 thoughts on “Latin Legends: La Llorona

  1. Glad you added in La Malinche, also known as Malintzin or Doña Marina. This brings to light so many corrupt and unjust views of strong women in history, who are forced into positions as slaves/consorts and then demonized for their forced part in others conquests.

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