Latin Legends: Augusto Rodríguez

Lieutenant Augusto Rodríguez was a Puerto Rican officer who served for the US during the Civil War. Born in San Juan in 1841 while it was still a Spanish Colony, his family had emigrated to the US during the 1850s. He, along with hundreds of other Puerto Ricans, volunteered for the Union Army when the Civil War broke out. Rodríguez volunteered for the 15th Connecticut Regiment, where he fought the treasonous Confederacy for three years by defending the capital of Washington DC. His most notable engagements took place during the Battles of Fredericksburg and Wyse Fork. While the former was a Union loss, the latter was a victory for the US’s overall Carolinas Campaign. After the war concluded, Rodríguez would work as a fireman while owning both a saloon and a cigar store before dying in 1880.


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